1.4 Guiding principles

The following principles have informed the development of these guidelines and should guide the implementation of the recommendations:

  • The guidelines should contribute to and expedite the achievement of key global and national HIV goals for 2016–2021 (2) and to realizing the Sustainable Development Goals (3).
  • The guidelines are based on a public health approach to scaling up the use of ARV drugs along the continuum of HIV prevention, treatment and care.
  • Developing and implementing the guidelines should realize the rights and responsibilities of people living with HIV and promote the greater involvement of people living with HIV (GIPA) and meaningful involvement of people living with HIV (MIPA) principles.
  • In addition to strengthening the continuum of HIV services, the recommendations in the guidelines should be implemented with a view to strengthening broader health systems and provision of universal health care.
  • Implementation of the guidelines needs to be accompanied by efforts to promote and protect the human rights of people who need HIV services, including ensuring informed consent, preventing stigma and discrimination in the provision of services and promoting gender equity.
  • Implementation of the recommendations in these guidelines should be informed by local context, including HIV epidemiology, availability of resources and comorbidities, the organization and capacity of the health system and anticipated cost–effectiveness.
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