4.4 What to start: first-line ART

Table 4.1. First-line ART regimens for adults, pregnant or breastfeeding women, adolescents and children table 4.1

ᵃ For adults and adolescents, d4T should be discontinued as an option in first-line treatment.
ᵇ ABC or boosted protease inhibitors (ATV/r, DRV/r, LPV/r) can be used in special circumstances.
ᶜ Safety and efficacy data on the use of DTG and EFV400 in pregnant women, people with HIV/TB coinfection and adolescents younger than 12 years of age are not yet available.
ᵈ Conditional recommendation, moderate-quality evidence.
ᵉ EFV at lower dose (400 mg/day).

3TC lamivudine, ABC abacavir, AZT zidovudine, DRV darunavir, DTG dolutegravir, EFV efavirenz, FTC emtricitabine, LPV lopinavir, NVP nevirapine, r ritonavir, TDF tenofovir

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